April 28, 2017


Hi my name is Martin Bellinger of martinbellinger.com creator of ExpertAuthor BluePrint. Over the past few years alone l have helped over twenty experts from many different industries become published authors. This publishing of their book moved them being unknown of the many to become the outstanding and perceived expert and authority in their field. Which meant not just making more money but finally getting them recognition they deserve. And also be able to have more time to spend doing the things they love.

If you believe you have a book inside of you, l can help you get done inside 90 days or less which our normal turn-around times. The ExpertAuthor BluePrint can help you become a published author.

If you know of anybody who can benefit from this valuable service make sure you contact me at martinbellinger.com and love to be of service.

Onwards n Upwards

Martin Bellinger

The Book Mentor & Coach





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